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To ALL Members Must Read. Empty To ALL Members Must Read.

Post by Moderator1 on Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:28 pm

This is a great site and with that being said we have a scammer and spammer here which is mike_form and listen when i tell you this..

1.Look all fta site have banned him Steve B so
he makes up new nic.

2.Steve B is the one on ftabeta and a lot other site he scammed people and his new
expresso site is steve b..Look and ask around fta sites about him he took a lot of peoples money..

3.expresstest. Is steve B he was band from here and cam back with nic mike_form and other nic so be carefull.

4.He uses the email carjam and a lot of others..Please Premiere tv User becareful.

Thank you

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